"Mommy, what's cancer?"

April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month. Cancer does not just effect the patient it effects the entire family. Here is a book form oral cancer survivor Eva Grayzel. 

Mr. C Plays Hide & Seek
Thirteen years ago, I was that mom being asked that question by my children ages 5 and 7, after my late-stage cancer diagnosis.  The answer has to be thoughtful and appropriate denpending on the child's age and situation.  
My children were deeply affected by watching me struggle with the severe effects of my treatment. I founded the Talk4Hope book series to help children understand a cancer diagnosis and acquire skills for coping and communicating.
Fret no longer about how to answer that loaded question.  "Mr. C Plays Hide & Seek," helps children understand the life of cancer from the perspective of the 'charming and personable' Mr. C himself.
Would you like to sneak a peek?  Since April is oral cancer awareness month, my personal campaign, I want to gift my readers with a downloadable version.  This gift expires on April 30th. 
Mr. C Plays Hide & Seek by Eva Grayzel 
(To view the PDF as you would a book, choose a 2-page view option in Adobe Acrobat Reader.  The page 1 illustration of needle should be on the RIGHT)
It is currently listed for national distribution by Atlas books. By June 1st, it will be sold on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and all other major booksellers for under five dollars, an affordable price to help as many children as possible.
Share this newsletter to help get this book into the hands (computers, iPads) of children who need it.  
I hope this message offers you a dose of inspiration to launch you into spring!
P.S.  Help more children by forwarding this information to friends who work in hospitals, cancer centers, pharmaceuticals, healthcare companies,  libraries, schools, foundations..


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