Dropbox ups storage space to 16 GB

I am a big fan of the free Dropbox service.  When you install it on your computers it creates a folder called “Dropbox”.  When you save files to that folder they are automatically synched to “the cloud” so that they are available anywhere.  You can access your files through the Dropbox web site, or via the Dropbox app on your smartphone, or via any other computer that you install Dropbox on.  It’s also really great for collaboration: you can easily share folders and files with friends and colleagues.  They can work on those files on their own computer and their changes will automatically synch across to yours.

Dropbox gives you extra free space when you invite friends to signup.  Even better, you can now get free space up to 16GB!  So, if you’re interested, please use my link below to signup.
Dropbox Link

Thanks and I hope you get as much use of Dropbox as I do.