Dental Photonics Launches New Alta™ MKS Product

Walpole, MA., [April 3, 2012] – Dental Photonics, Inc., an international research and development company for advanced light-based medical and dental technologies, today announced that it unveiled its new Alta™ Modular Laser System at the Academy of Laser Dentistry Meeting in Scottsdale, AZ on March 29, 2012.
Commenting on the achievement, Dental Photonics Chief Executive Officer Alexander Vybornov said, “We are very pleased with strong initial results of the product launch. Our booth saw a record attendance –- over a third of dentists and hygienists participating in the show -- enabling us to take initial customer orders and generate a robust sales pipeline into the second quarter of 2012.”
Based on years of research and development, the Alta™ MLS allows for the integration of targeted dental lasers for a wide range of treatment modalities under an umbrella of one compact modular device. Unlike single-purpose conventional dental lasers, Alta™ MLS has paved the way to exchangeable application modules that tackle everyday clinical challenges and provide breakthrough solutions for large unmet medical needs.

The Alta™ MLS initial Alta-ST™ application module reinvents soft tissue surgery and allows for never before seen control and ease-of-use. Based on a unique Thermo-Optically Powered (TOP™) Surgery technology, Alta-ST™ permits even laser novices to provide superior dental treatments for their patients right from day one. Dental Photonics received FDA clearance for TOP Surgery™ in February of 2012 and is the first and only company allowed to market the technology for soft tissue dental applications.

Alta-ST™ will be followed by application modules in the fields of periodontal, hard tissue and aesthetic treatments, all with radically new targeted approaches to resolving large unmet clinical challenges.
For more information, please visit the Alta™ MLS website at


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