PeriZone™, a New Oral Healthcare Product Line, and Debuts PerioPatch®, Oral Wound Relief Barrier

Fair Lawn, NJ (June 16, 2011) – MIS Implants Technologies, Ltd., a leading manufacturer of dental implants and superstructures, launched a new oral care products brand named PeriZone™, along with its first product, a unique topical patch created to absorb wound exudates, called PerioPatch®.
The development of PeriZone™ and the division’s overall business strategy are the primary responsibility of three key MIS Implants executives:
• Motti Weisman, MIS Implants Technologies, Inc. (USA), CEO – Motti was raised in northern Israel, which is where he first became affiliated with MIS Implants in 1996. He launched the MIS distributorship in Israel in 1998, which is currently the market leader in dental implant sales in that country. Following sustained success there, he chose to bring the company to the U.S., where he started MIS USA in 2003. Both businesses have seen continued strong growth, and he is honored to be bringing non-implant products to the dental industry under the MIS and PeriZone™ names.

• Gil Ishai, MIS Implants Technologies, Ltd. (Israel) Brand Manager – PeriZone™ –
Gil joined MIS Implants Technologies, Ltd. in the autumn of 2010, with extensive marketing and sales experience. As Brand Manager, Gil is responsible for current
and future launches, as well as leading the business of the brand and the products under it across all the countries in which MIS implants has representation. Prior to joining MIS, Gil worked for P&G, first as a regional customer manager, and then as a product manager. Gil feels proud to be a part of the first non-implant brand under
MIS, PeriZone™.

• Noel E. Wilford, RDH, MIS Implants Technologies, Inc. (USA), Director – Oral Health Division – Noel has been involved in dentistry her entire professional career. She is a graduate of the Forsyth School for Dental Hygienists and the University of Connecticut. As a clinician, she spent the majority of her time in a periodontal practice, although she has also been employed in general dentistry and prosthodontic practices. The corporate side of her career began when she joined CollaGenex Pharmaceuticals as a salesperson for the launch of Periostat®. She was selected to be a regional trainer and worked in that capacity at both regional and national sales meetings, in addition to training new reps in her territory. Noel joined MIS Implants four years ago. Here, she has worked with product-specific reps and in human resources, as well as taking on the role of Director of the Oral Health Division, which is now launching the PeriZone™ brand with its first product, PerioPatch®.
According to Noel Wilford, Director – Oral Health Division at MIS Implants, “For some time now, we’ve been exploring opportunities to expand our specialties beyond dental implant technologies and into the oral health sector. PerioPatch® incorporates breakthrough technology, and represents the first step toward our vision of establishing PeriZone™ as a leader in advanced oral health products.”
PeriZone™ PerioPatch® is ideal for patients with inflamed or irritated gums, wounds, injuries, and ulcerations, whether they are naturally occurring, or as the result of braces, dentures, or
dental procedures.
The patch forms a protective seal over the affected gingiva and oral mucosa, providing relief from pain while promoting natural healing. By gently but securely adhering to the gums, the patch also protects from further irritation that may be caused by eating or drinking.
“PeriZone™’s mission is to provide dental professionals and patients with state-of-the-art oral healthcare products that are unparalleled in their quality and performance and to deliver oral health solutions that dental professionals can use to treat their patients with the most advanced care possible,” explained Wilford.
About the Company:
MIS Implants Technologies, Ltd., headquartered in Israel, was founded in 1995 and has served as a leading high-tech research and dental implant production company for many years. The company spans the globe, with distribution in almost 70 countries worldwide, and specializes in the complete cycle of production – including the design, development, manufacturing, and marketing of an advanced comprehensive range of dental implants, superstructures, surgical kits, and tools, as well as the newly developed line of oral health products. MIS has been committed to providing the dental community with significant research and top-of-the-line products that continually keep their customers smiling.
The 2011 launch of PeriZone™, a division of MIS Implants, reflects this same commitment
to dental professionals and consumers worldwide. The oral health division’s goal is to
provide dental professionals with superior, innovative products to ensure the greatest
level of patient care.


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