New Improved Sylc Prophy Therapy SmarTips

OSspray, Inc. is pleased to announce the newly improved Sylc™ Prophy Therapy
with SmarTip Technology System that delivers consistent performance and
increased ergonomics.

Available in June 2011, these improvements will allow clinicians to use the unit dose SmarTip Technology System with confidence and greater efficacy while at the same time delivering the innovative Sylc™ therapeutic prophy treatment.

And the best news is that OSspray is passing along all the improvements without increasing the retail price to your dental offices.

The SmarTip Technology System offers clinicians three key improvements:

1. Integrated pressure regulator to the SmarTip Adapter—this unique feature eliminates the need to adjust air pressure which provides a more consistent delivery of Sylc™ Therapeutic Prophy Powder.

2. Shortened Tip Length—this design enhancement to the back-end of the blister tip provides increased ergonomics for improved fulcrum and access inside the oral cavity during treatment.

3. More robust collar—the collar improvement ensures a secure prophy tip engagement to the SmarTip adapter.

Sylc™ SmarTip combined with Sylc™ Therapeutic Prophy Powder is the only system that removes mild to moderate stains, desensitizes, and restores the tooth structure to create an enamel like layer for long term protection from acid challenges in one simple procedure. The SmarTip Adapter with integrated pressure regulator is backed with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty, providing dentists and hygienists piece of mind.


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