Kerr to lauch customer protection program

Jun. 7, 2011 (Business Wire) — Kerr Corporation, a leading manufacturer of technology for dental procedures, has announced the launch of a new customer protection program. The program has been created in the interest of protecting Kerr customers from fraudulent, counterfeit or grey market products and preserving the company’s reputation for quality across its entire spectrum of offerings.
“We are taking several steps designed to proactively prevent counterfeiters from being able to generate and/or distribute fraudulent product,” said Leo Pranitis, Kerr’s Vice President of Global Marketing and Innovation. “We’ll be rolling out our protection plan in several stages over the coming months with the ultimate goal being to discourage tampering and prevent reuse or placement of counterfeit items in Kerr packaging coming into the North American channel. By incorporating this program, both the reputation of the Kerr brand and our customers are protected.”
Pranitis added that the best way to be certain that products purchased are legitimate is to only buy from an authorized Kerr dealer ( or by contacting the company directly at 1-800-KERR-123.
“As our products are strictly regulated by the FDA and Health Canada, it is important that there is full traceability from manufacturer to distributor to clinician and ultimately to the patient,” said Pranitis. “That chain of custody is lost when products move outside authorized distribution channels. Our goal is to ensure lasting smiles for years to come.”
The infiltration of counterfeit and grey market dental products into North America is a growing issue of concern affecting the dental industry, and Kerr has chosen to proactively address it as a form of quality assurance for its customers. Counterfeit dental products pose obvious safety and efficacy risks, while grey market products are sourced from markets outside of the United States where storage times and conditions can be compromised.
“We’re very proud of our safety and efficiency records,” said Pranitis. “Proactive steps are being taken to protect that reputation as well as the reputations of the dentists with whom we work. All our constituents can rest assured that the Kerr Customer Protection Program will help prevent fraudulent, counterfeit and grey market products from getting into their hands.”


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