“NEW” Tru-Align Aiming Device

Here is an X-ray add-on that dramatically improves images and safety 

The internal LED laser of the Tru-Align ensures perfect alignment and
eliminates cone cuts normally associated with rectangular collimation.
  • Tru-Align is SAFER—reduces radiation exposure by 60 to 70%.
  • Tru-Align is BETTER—reduces scatter radiation for clearer, crisper images. See More-Earn More!
  • Tru-Align is FASTER—reduces training time and retakes.
Installs in seconds on most round cones. Improves film, sensor or phosphor plate images. Become compliant with NCRP guidelines by using Tru-Align!

More information is available on their web site http://www.idixray.com/


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