Whats New From Chicago Part 3

Here is the 3rd part of new and exciting products from the Chicago Mid Winter meeting.

I have been using the Kavo Diagnodnet for caries detection for what seems forever. Recently there have been some new video based fluorescence products available. Spectra from Air Techniques and Acteon's SoporoLife. The SoporoLife combines an intra-oral camera (717) and caries detection into one device. I have previously used the Sopro 717 and thought it was an excellent camera. In the very near future I hope to have both the Spectra and SoporLife in my office and will provide a full review after I put them through their paces. I did see another caries detection device from a small company called Daraza,they have a device called the FluoreCam.

Dentsply has their smart air handpiece the Stylus ATC. This is not a hybrid electric. It is a straight air driven handpiece that has a sensor attached that controls the amount of air to the turbine. It cuts much faster and with more torque then a conventional handpiece even under load. Check out this video comparison of the Stylus ATC handpiece.

Some other products to look for in the future are in office digital impression scanners. So you can take an impression and scan it right in your office. This will cut down on shipping expense and cut the fabrication time. So turn around for a crown maybe a week! A new CAD/CAM produced surgical guide machine, to make implant placement more predictable. A hybrid processed long term temporary crown that can be fabricated in your office. So another Chicago Mid Winter meeting is done. Cannot wait to see what is new next year!


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