Whats New From Chicago Part 2

Chicago is where many manufacturers announce their new products for 2010. So in no particular order here are some products that caught my eye. Part 2

One of the coolest things I saw was Sirona's New Biogenic Software. A simple scan of some teeth with the Cerec AC digital impression wand easily and precisely reconstructs a patients natural occlusion based on their own teeth.

Version 3.8 of the CEREC software enables dentists to create lifelike reconstructions – even while working with completely damaged occlusal surfaces. On the basis of a single intact tooth, the program extrapolates the natural morphology of that tooth to the patient’s damaged tooth structure. CEREC 3.8 software can be used for all single-tooth restorations and for three-unit bridges.

Asepsis in the operatories is absolutley necessary and keyboards


The Cleankeys wireless keyboard is the easiest keyboard every to clean. The device is a keyboard and trackpad all built into one. One simple spray and wipe and the keyboard is clean.

You have seen me already blog about OralDNA. They released OraRisk the new DNA test for the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). HPV is a leading cause of oral cancer. A simple saliva test can now access the risk level if a patient is carrying the HPV. There are other saliva tests for periodontal disease.


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