Notes From OralDNA press conference.

Notes From OralDNA press conference.

OralDNA saliva tests helps patients acknowledge their disease state and accept treatment.
Salivary diagnostic tests enable accurate, easy and biological diagnosis of disease. A 30 second oral rinse of saline is all it takes to produce a sample for analysis.

My PerioPath test determines the cause of perio infections providing personalized treatment options. MyPerioPST test looks at the suseptibility traits of individuals for periodontal disease. 35 to 40% carry the trait and are more likely to have more aggressive perio disease.

Human HPV virus is transmited via sexual contact. Oral HPV can lead to oral cancer. The OraRisk HPV test screens for the presence and type of HPV. The test results identifying the risk of HPV and risk of developing oral cancer. 

Test results can be obtained via the web in about 4 days. The cost for 12 sample collectors is $199. The cost for the HPV test is $70 and perio tests are $99.


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