The expert's guide to healthy teeth

Dental surgeon Lance Knight recommends products for healthy teeth...

If a crown or filling falls out, make a temporary plug to prevent pain and sensitivity by chewing a piece of sugar-free gum and then gently nudging it into the space.

You could also try Toofy Peg, an over-the-counter product that does the same job.

  • Choose a waxed dental floss such as Colgate Total, which has been impregnated with an antibacterial substance called chlorhexidine. This will kill any bugs tha thave settled between the teeth. (Waxed floss makes it easier to slide between the teeth.)
  • It's also worth keeping some mouthwash containing chlorhexidine in the cupboard if you cut your gum or have a mouth ulcer, as it'll speed up the healing process. But don't use it every day - it can dissolve teeth if used too often and cause staining. For an everyday regular mouthwash, choose something that is fluoridated but non-alcoholic, such as Colgate Fluorigard Alcohol Free Mouthwash.
  • Invest in a tongue scraper and use twice daily to remove bacteria that causes bad breath. Choose one that doesn't feel too abrasive or too soft such as the OraSweet Tongue Cleaner.
  • If food gets stuck between the gaps in your teeth, get an interdental brush. TePe makes a range of them and your hygienist will be able to recommend the size to buy. Never use a toothpick, as you run the risk of cutting your gum, which can be sore and lead to infection.