TOLMAR and Zila Combine to Form Strong Dental Products Company

FORT COLLINS, Colo.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--On Friday, Sept. 18, 2009, the shareholders of Zila, Inc., a dental products company providing products for use in the prevention, detection and treatment of oral disease, approved the company’s merger with a subsidiary of TOLMAR Holding, Inc.

These two innovative dental companies have now combined to offer dental professionals an impressive line of dental care products. Zila, a division of TOLMAR, as the new company is called, provides a combined range of high-quality products surrounding consumable home care products, in-office diagnostics, acute care products, and prevention tools that allow dental professionals to effectively treat patients to the highest professional standards.

Dental professionals will continue to have access to the Zila products they are already familiar with such as the Rotadent® automatic toothbrush, the award-winning Pro-Select Platinum® scaler, and our deep line of products surrounding the Zila Soft Tissue Management® program.

In addition, we are proud to offer ATRIDOX®, the only locally applied antimicrobial that is clinically proven and indicated for all three of these outcomes: gain in clinical attachment, reduction in probing depth, and reduction in bleeding on probing. Also, we are excited to continue the growth and market acceptance of our innovative and cost-efficient oral cancer screening product, ViziLite® Plus, which recently won a 2008 Hygiene Townie Choice Award.

“The new Zila has the financial stability, experience, products, and services to help dental professionals care for their patients while contributing to the success of their practice,” said Mike Duncan, CEO of TOLMAR.

About TOLMAR Holding, Inc.

TOLMAR Holding, Inc. is a private pharmaceutical company. TOLMAR Inc. is a Colorado-based pharmaceutical research, development, manufacturing and commercial operations company. TOLMAR is responsible for the development and manufacturing of 18 prescription pharmaceutical products dispensed in the U.S. The company’s dental division manufactures and distributes dental products designed to treat adult periodontal disease. TOLMAR’s flagship brand, ATRIDOX®, is the only locally applied antimicrobial that is clinically proven and indicated for all three of these outcomes: gain in clinical attachment, reduction in probing depth, and reduction in bleeding on probing. TOLMAR also manufactures and sells ATRISORB® FreeFlow™ and ATRISORB®-D FreeFlow™, which are bioabsorbable guided tissue regeneration barriers indicated for use in periodontal surgical procedures. ATRISORB-D is the only GTR barrier with doxycycline. For more information about the company, visit

About Zila, Inc.

Zila, Inc., headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, is a diagnostic company dedicated to the prevention, detection and treatment of oral cancer and periodontal disease. Zila manufactures and markets ViziLite® Plus with TBlue® (“ViziLite® Plus”), the company’s flagship product for the early detection of oral abnormalities that could lead to cancer. ViziLite® Plus is an adjunctive medical device cleared by the FDA for use in a population at increased risk for oral cancer. In addition, Zila designs, manufactures and markets a suite of proprietary products sold exclusively and directly to dental professionals for periodontal disease, including the Rotadent® Professional Powered Brush, the Pro-Select Platinum® ultrasonic scaler and a portfolio of oral pharmaceutical products for both in-office and home-care use. All of Zila’s products are marketed and sold in the United States and Canada primarily through the company’s direct field sales force and telemarketing organization. The company’s products are marketed and sold in other international markets through the direct sales forces of third party distributors. Zila’s marketing programs reach most U.S. dental offices.

For more information about the new Zila, please visit

To place an order for Zila products, including the Pro-Select Platinum® scaler, the Rotadent® automatic toothbrush, and ViziLite® Plus, please call 800-228-5595.

For TOLMAR product orders, including ATRIDOX®, ATRISORB® and ATRISORB®-D, please call 877-TOLMAR1 (877-865-6271).



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