Announcing DENTRIX G4 Productivity Pack 6

Henry Schein Practice Solutions is excited to announce the DENTRIX G4 Productivity Pack 6. This new Productivity Pack offers added features that will help your office increase productivity, reduce downtime, and protect your patient’s privacy. Highlights of the new Productivity Pack 6 include added features and functionality to:

Family File
When editing family relationships, DENTRIX no longer requires you to close all modules. This new functionality will save time by not interrupting your normal patient processing routines and allow you to update the Family File any time during the day.

Patient Protection
You can now mask or hide patient Social Security numbers in DENTRIX and on reports so the numbers are not visible to staff members without password rights. This will protect your patients’ privacy and help prevent identity theft.

Productivity Pack 6 will also remove the Patient Social Security numbers from the payment plan coupon books, further protecting your patients’ privacy.

Patient Eligibility
You can now view a patient’s insurance eligibility status on their appointment, in the appointment information dialog, in the appointment list, and in the patient’s Family File. However, you must enter the eligibility status manually for each patient unless you use the eCentral Insurance Manager. If you use eCentral, the eligibility status is automatically updated when you run a WebSync.
If you use the eCentral Insurance Manager, you can send a patient’s eligibility summary information to the Document Center. That way you can see the patient’s eligibility detail without having to leave DENTRIX.

Perio Chart
You now have the ability to undo and redo changes in the Perio Chart. This eliminates the need to move off the perio script to make corrections and will improve your work flow and productivity.

Auto Dial
In DENTRIX G4 Productivity Pack 6, the Auto Dial dialog has been combined with the More Information dialog so you can see important information like patient contact information, family members, appointment history, continuing care due dates, and balance information and contact the patient from one dialog.

You can set up a library of note templates for alert notes, billing statement notes, case notes, claim remarks, and procedure notes. Then, in the corresponding note fields, you can select the note templates you want to include instead re-typing each note, saving you time.
All editable note fields within DENTRIX now include a spell check option. This will eliminate misspelled words in your notes, making your notes accurate and professional.

If you are currently on a Customer Service Plan, this Productivity Pack will be available to you through the DENTRIX auto-update feature.

To find out more about these and other features for the DENTRIX G4 Productivity Pack 6 please


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