‘Is that covered?’: 1 in 5 have no clue about dental benefits

‘Is that covered?’: 1 in 5 have no clue about dental benefits
September 22, 2009 by Jared Bilski

Employers should be wary of assuming that their employees have a grasp of the ins and out of their dental benefits, says this prominent study.

The “Dental Insights” study by MetLife uncovered some unsettling facts about employees’ knowledge of their dental benefits. The following findings should raise some red flags for most employers:

* Only 1 out of every 3 employees feel they have the info they need about their dental coverage to pick the right plan, and
* 1 out 5 employees say they have “no idea” what is/isn’t covered.

Luckily, the study also revealed what employers can do to ensure that their staffers are happy with the dental coverage being offered.

The key: A versatile education program. MetLife suggest companies educate employee about what is and isn’t covered by the dental plan (as well a utilization summary to help people see what they’ve seen so far); use oral health risk assessment to gauge where employees are at; and stress the connection between oral health and overall health