Update on Healthcare Credit Line

My office has still been trying to find out what will happen to monies that we are due and were not paid to us. We have been contacted by a few different dental offices seeing if we found out anything and no one has heard back from Healthcare Credit Line. We have asked the patients to contact Healthcare Credit Line. Because many have put off further treatment or want to stop making payments to the lender. No patient has gotten back to us so far with any additional information.

Here is what we currently do know after my office manager spoke with someone in the legal department at the ADA.

It looks like we will be screwed. There are two agreements one between the patient and Healthcare Credit Line and one between the dental office and Helathcare Credit Line. The patients are legally obligated to make payments even though we have not been paid for our services. We do not know if we can claim non payment and the patient can stop making payments. We were further instructed to consult an attorney in our state to see exactly what remedies maybe available to us.

As we find out more I will keep everyone reading the blog in the loop.


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