JDMultiScraper®: the easiest way to regenerate bone.

“JDentalCare has designed and developed JDMultiScraper®: the easiest way to regenerate bone.

JDMultiScraper® is a manual device that provides autologous bone for grafts around dental implants and in periodontal defects.

JDMultiScraper® is a scraper for autologous bone that has the unique characteristic of being multi-use: it is an autoclavable device and it has an interchangeable blade that can be used for many surgeries and easily replaced when it loses its cutting performance.

JDMultiScraper® offers the following advantages:

- It allows to increase the effectiveness of regenerative procedures in oral and periodontal surgery and reduces cost by avoiding the use of bone substitutes.

- It allows a minimally invasive treatment.

- It is a multi-use device and it does not lose its effectiveness over time due to the possibility of replacing the blade when necessary.

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