Fed up with offices who cannot get me digital xrays

Today my office received another unreadable full mouth series of radiographs printed on copy paper with a laser printer. My office manager called the office and requested digital copies. She was politely told that they could not do this because they do not have Internet access and have no idea how to put the radiographs on a CD or any other media so that they could be sent to us.

This is totally unacceptable in this day and age. Either I have to retake the radiographs (at my cost and submit the patient to more radiation)or try and work with something that is unacceptable. I wish there was a way to force these offices to comply with a request for radiographs. I bet if the state board of dentistry asked for the radiographs a phone call would go out to their tech support person.

So for all the offices that don't know how to transmit radiographs securely online or even burn a CD and mail it, please learn how. It makes your high tech office look incompetent to both my office and your former patient. Call your software tech, trainer or IT person and find out how to do it.


Marty, I agree with you. Not having digital radiography slows things down- which in turn can be a detriment to patient care. I hate receiving "copies" of print x-rays too. Not diagnostic.

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