Doctors Struggle With Unpaid Claims From State

Here is an interesting article. I know many of us cannot choose all our patients but whether it be one insurance company or opening an office near a plant you cannot put lots of eggs in one basket. MJ

These are desperate times for some doctors in our state.

Struggling doctors in Oklahoma claim medical services and their own livelihood are on the line, and a state agency is to blame.

A serious backlog of insurance claims is forcing some doctors and dentists into making cutbacks.

Lawmakers said they're on top of the problem, but some providers argue it's too late.

Dr. Steven Watson has thousands of patients, and has run a successful office in the metro for nearly 30 years.

Dr. Watson fears he'll soon be homeless and he may have to close his practice. He can't pay his truck note and his family has little money for food.

"You're completely crumbled and just humbled when a patient comes to your house and brings you meatloaf," Dr. Watson said.

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