Sunday, September 10, 2006

'Wireless Digital Dental X-Ray Sensor with Positioning Apparatus' Patent Granted

Dov Glaser of UAppoint was recently granted a patent for this
new device.

The invention is a Wireless Digital Dental X-Ray Sensor with Positioning Apparatus.Exploiting advances in digital photography and radiography, the inventor was able to combine the workings of a digital camera, an x-ray scintillator plate and a set of five oral x-ray positioning instruments into a single universal dental x-ray sensing device, just slightly larger than a conventional bitewing holder. There are several version of the device described in the patent. The common element is having a digital dental x-ray sensor directly connected to the bite block, which in turn has all the necessary electronic built inside the paralleling and targeting portion of the device. In one version there is an onboard display screen and removable storage media, another has the devise placed on a docking station from which dental x-ray images can be printed, transmitted to a computer or the Internet, and yet another version has a built in transmitter that instantly transmits the images to a nearby computer monitor.

The entire press release can be read here.

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