Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Patient Entertainment Glasses

If you don't want to mount over the patient monitors another possibility are the myvu glasses for the video ipods. The glasses produce the equivalent of watching a 27-inch TV from six feet away, with a viewing time of six hours from its rechargeable battery. The glasses will be available this fall for $399.

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Dash Riprock said...

Hi Dr. Jablow - great blog! I just wanted to tell you that there is a company that sells a complete patient entertainment/distraction solution for dental offices. It combines the video eyewear with a movie/TV show DVD subscription service (similar to Netflix) that has been customized for the dental chair. So you buy the hardware and get 1 year of movies & TV shows sent to your office on disk. The disks also come with short patient presentations about tooth whitening, veneers, etc. to educate patients about your high-margin services while they're being entertained. Check it out at www.inchairtv.com.