Monday, September 04, 2006

Saving Video Is Now Getting Simpler

Here is a product so you can record directly from your Intra-oral camera video of procedures. You can also use it to convert all those home videos on VHS or 8mm tapes and then covert them into a digital format for storing on CD,DVD or hard drives.

Sandisk's V-MATE video recorder. The V-Mate is designed to record directly to a wide variety of memory card formats from any composite video source such as your IO Camera, set-top box, DVD player, or TiVo. The V-MATE features a remote control, on-screen programming interface, and an infrared emitter to turn on your TV tuner device and select the right channel for programmed recording. And MPEG-4 compression delivers about 1.8 hours of playback at the V-MATE's maximum 640 x 480 recording resolution. Available in October for about $130.

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