Introducing Overjet for Educators: AI Built for Dental Education

Overjet has announced Overjet for Educators: AI built to train tomorrow’s oral health leaders. Now, students can learn from the same technology that thousands of dentists already use to analyze X-rays, educate patients, and manage their practice.


Overjet analyzes dental X-rays to add precise, colorful annotations.

Overjet for Educators relies on the only AI technology that is FDA-cleared to detect, outline, and quantify oral diseases in X-rays. It was created by a unique team of top dentists and state-of-the-art machine learning models, which were trained on millions of X-rays to achieve unprecedented precision.

Overjet lets educators show students the exact size and shape of pathologies like tooth decay, anatomical structures like enamel, and restorations like crowns—with colorful annotations that are easy to see. Once they graduate, these students will be equipped to do the same with their patients.

“Dental AI is already improving oral health for millions of patients, since it gives providers and insurers the first objective standard for dental care,” said Wardah Inam, Overjet’s CEO. “Our team is very excited to see top universities now embracing this technology to shape the next generation of oral health leaders. This is a massive step forward for the science of dentistry.”

A handful of innovative dental schools are already using Overjet for Educators, including the Western University College of Dental Medicine and the University of Florida College of Dentistry. In an independent study conducted by the University of Florida (UF), students who trained using Overjet’s AI improved their ability to detect cavities in X-rays by more than 40%.

“We are proud to be the first dental school in the country to implement Overjet’s AI into our curriculum,” said Dr. Isabel Garcia, Dean of the UF College of Dentistry. “Our collaboration with Overjet presents a very unique and valuable advantage for our predoctoral students and residents to be on the leading edge of technology. Overjet for Educators will transform the training of our dental students and residents in radiographic caries diagnosis and enhance patient care.”

Across these pilot programs, students have given Overjet for Educators overwhelmingly positive feedback. Dr. Teresa Dolan, Chief Dental Officer at Overjet, said that “students and residents are excited to use the technology to both accelerate their education and provide incredible care for their patients—today and into the future.”

“This partnership will bring Overjet’s powerful X-ray analysis and chart review tools to our curriculum,” said Dr. Elizabeth Andrews, Dean of the WesternU College of Dental Medicine. “It enhances the learning experience for our students by providing them with clear visualizations that will help them better understand the structure and characteristics of the mouth, empowering them to communicate more confidently and effectively with their patients as they become practice ready.”

About Overjet

Overjet is the world-leader in dental AI. Founded by experts from MIT and Harvard University, Overjet builds artificial intelligence that helps dental organizations give patients the highest quality of care. Our FDA-cleared technology is the first objective standard for making oral health decisions—so that dentists can detect pathologies with precision and educate patients with confidence. To learn more, visit