Lares Introduces New Electric Handpiece System

Lares Research has introduced a new electric handpiece system designed to deliver exceptional power, precision and sound quality while minimizing hand fatigue: The ProStyle E Electric Handpiece System. The ProStyle E system includes an autoclavable motor, a motor control box, a 1:5 highspeed fiberoptic contra angle, a 1:1 low-speed fiberoptic contra angle, and a 1:1 straight attachment.

The Lares ProStyle E Electric Handpiece System was designed to provide superior performance while reducing motor/attachment weight and size. By shortening the Mini contra angles and motor by 40% and reducing their weight by 33%, Lares shifted the balance point forward, maximizing comfort and control. With exceptional performance at affordable pricing, ProStyle E requires no installation and can be easily transported between operatories.

ProStyle E Systems and attachments can be ordered from Lares Research factory direct online at:, or by calling toll free: 1-888-333-8440, Ext. 1.


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