TED Talk luminary Simon Sinek to deliver rousing keynote address at Dentsply Sirona World 2017

The "Together is Better" author and TED Talk extraordinaire will speak to Ultimate Dental Meeting attendees on essential leadership skills, earning success and establishing a brand that goes the distance

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (Feb. 7, 2017) – Dentsply Sirona, the Dental Solutions Company™, announced today that author and sought-after speaker Simon Sinek will present the keynote address at Dentsply Sirona World 2017 on Friday morning, Sept. 15.
Recognized by many as a visionary and ardent optimist, Sinek possesses an unorthodox yet refreshing outlook on corporate culture and the significance of strong leadership to incite action among professionals. Best known for popularizing the concept of WHY, he is a trained ethnographer who has dedicated his life’s work to discovering what motivates people, exploring different leadership styles, and breaking down the various stereotypes of different generations in an attempt to better understand why those individuals and the organizations that employ them “do the things they do.”
Sinek is also widely known for his TED Talk “How Great Leaders Inspire Action,” which is the third most-watched TED talk, ever. He introduced the Golden Circle, which he explains as the basis of why some organizations can inspire while others struggle to do so. This idea is conceptualized by three easily-digestible words: what, how and why. Sinek claims many organizations and leaders are unable to adequately inspire because they lack the understanding of why they do what they do; they fail to find their purpose outside of monetary gain.
“If you hire people just because they can do a job, they’ll work for your money. But if you hire people who believe what you believe, they’ll work for you with blood and sweat and tears,” said Sinek. His dedication to making an impact in the world through valiant leadership has made Sinek a major player in the speaking circuit and highly respected by professionals and business leaders around the globe.
Sinek wears many hats. He has presented three TED Talks: “How Great Leaders Inspire Action,” “First Why and Then Trust,” and “Why Good Leaders Make You Feel Safe.”  He’s also written three books, with “Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action” topping the list of best-sellers for corporate America and “Leaders Eat Last: Why Some Teams Pull Together and Others Don’t” landing on the New York Times and Wall Street Journal best-sellers lists. His latest work, “Together is Better,” released last fall, had several weeks on the New York Times best-seller list as well.
“Being a pioneer in the dental industry, Dentsply Sirona delights in welcoming innovative minds like Mr. Sinek to engage our attendees,” said Vice President of Marketing Ingo Zimmer. “Sinek represents the core of Dentsply Sirona World: He is a progressive thinker with a visceral ambition to inspire change and we’re ecstatic to announce him as one of our celebrity speakers.”
The second annual Ultimate Dental Meeting will carry on the tradition of educational excellence paired with enamoring entertainment. This year’s three-day event, hosted at The Venetian and The Palazzo in Las Vegas from Sept. 14-16, will again offer 11 educational tracks, enlightening educational sessions, lively social activities and more spectacular celebrity entertainment.
Super Early Bird pricing is now available through March 31, 2017, so register now before this special pricing ends and hear from Simon Sinek himself! Visit www.dentsplysironaworld.com to register or contact our help desk by phone at 844.462.7476 or by email at events@dentsplysironaworld.com.


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