Send‐TheDocTM celebrates 2nd anniversary!

SendTheDocTM 6.0 now available for medical professionals! Share with your peers and colleagues so they may benefit. 

Ann Arbor, MI, June 2, 2016– DoTheDoc Inc. celebrates two years of successful operations and released SendTheDocTM version 6.0 opening up new horizons for the medical professionals to be able to send & receive documents to other Doctors and patients for FREE in a HIPAA compliant manner (emailing PHI is no longer HIPAA compliant as of September 2013 – Omnibus Rule). This valued service is offered for FREE as it is sponsored and paid for by medical and dental vendors. 

Founder and CEO Dimitris Papageorgiou mentioned that “SendTheDocTM proved itself in the Dental industry for two years (35 states, over 8000 dental offices and supporting sponsors). We are excited to introduce the SendTheDocTM service for medical professionals. All you (Doctor or office manager, front office staff) need to do is register and use the service ... it is that easy!” 

A significant number of offices still use unencrypted email to send and receive Protected Health Information (PHI) which is illegal as of September 2013; the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) is aware of this trend and the penalties for gross negligence are up to $50,000 per incident. It will be unfortunate for any dental practice to have to pay such fines when there is a FREE sponsored service like SendTheDocTM. We are sounding the alarm for Dentists and office managers; please do your homework and become HIPAA compliant. Delivering encrypted electronic documents is only one aspect of being HIPAA compliant; at a minimum you need to train your staff, have a risk analysis and manage your Business Associate Agreements. The final HIPAA Omnibus rule can be viewed here: 

Several offices claim that their practice management software allows them to send & receive secure emails; That is a true statement, and these systems do not provide unique capabilities like, Business Associate Agreement automation, deleting documents once they are delivered, weekly delivery report, masking your email address to protect your practice from spamming, and do not have patient identification which is friendly to the elderly. SendTheDocTM is a unique delivery service packed with value features for dental and medical offices. Visit and benefit! 

SendTheDocTM is a FREE nationwide, trusted and secure electronic document delivery service sponsored by Medical and Dental vendors – benefitting thousands of offices every day!
SendTheDocTM HIPAA eDocument Delivery ... as it should be ###
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