New Patients Inc Launches Dental Web Content

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June 21, 2016. New Patients Inc, the marketing firm exclusively for dentists, has announced the release of their latest product called Dental Web Content. It is described as a subscription based online library of tested dental marketing content.

Company President, Mark Dilatush, explained the purpose of Dental Web Content. "We wanted to make effective patient attracting advertising available to dentists everywhere. And we wanted to make it very affordable. NPI has been producing tested marketing content for the last 26 years. But not every dentist can be an NPI client. We can only take so many. So we've taken that content, added an enormous amount of new content, and are making it available to any dentist who wants to attract new patients."

NPI CEO Howie Horrocks describes how a dental practice might use Dental Web Content. "Let's say a practice wants to promote their new CAD CAM technology. The doctor or practice administrator can log on to DWC and find press releases, postcard mailers, electronic and print communications to their patient base, Face Book ® and other social media postings and ads, radio spots, regular video, animated videos and more. It's all in Dental Web Content's media center."

Both company principals emphasize how affordable Dental Web Content can be. "For the price of a morning coffee," notes Dilatush, "a doctor can subscribe and have access to a seemingly endless stream of already tested advertising. I don't think there's anywhere else where a person can obtain content like this at such a low cost."

Horrocks adds, "More than half the battle in dental marketing is coming up with the content. A dentist or practice manager will agonize over what to say on their blog or in an ad or mailer. It can be frustrating. With DWC there will be none of that stress. We've already done the work for them and tested it. This is going to save practices a huge amount of time and worry."

For more information: or call 855.578.6516.

About New Patients Inc: NPI is a full service marketing agency exclusively for dentists. Founded in 1990 by Howie Horrocks, NPI now operates in 5 countries and provides tested, effective professional advertising for thousands of dentists.


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