On-Going Support for Six Month Smiles Dentists

We all know confidence is gained through experience.Thousands of dentists around the world have already taken the step to provide their patients with common sense short term orthodontics through our turnkey Six Month Smiles system. And while the two-day course will give you the power of the Six Month Smiles system, every dentist has questions as they embark to treat their patients. 
  • Is this patient a good candidate?
  • How will I close this gap?
  • How much IPR in this case?
  • Should I refer this to an orthodontist?
Of course, our bracket specialists will determine the optimal bracket placement to align a patient's teeth. But we know you are on the front line. Your reputation is at stake, and you don't want to make any false promises.
Because we have a community of Six Month Smiles providers around the world, we have an online resource available around the clock. Our Provider Resource Center (PRC) provides:
  • Peer-to-peer case support in our online forum
  • Video modules from the two-day course
  • How-to videos
  • Hands-on video review
  • Marketing collateral like patient photos,6MS logos, social media marketing videos & more
  • Information about on-going cases
  • Patient forms
  • Upcoming Webinar Schedule
  • Supply order forms
You will gain access to the PRC once you have completed the two-day course. The PRC ensures a smooth transition as you begin offering cosmetic ortho to your patients. Join the community of Six Month Smiles providers around the world helping their patients to smile with confidence - because every one deserves to smile with confidence, and every dentist can help
"The fact that you have individuals who are passionate about helping each of the Six Month Smiles providers provide great results for their patients is a huge confidence builder."  - Dr Noel Ananthan

If you would like to bring more patients into your practice by adding Short Term Orthodontics to your practice – sign up for the award winning 2 day hands-on training course provided by Six Month Smiles. Also – as an added bonus, use promo code ASKMARTY300 to receive $300 off your course tuition! Visit www.SixMonthSmiles.com/Level1 to register.
For more information, clinical case studies and a host of other information, register for the next Six Month Smiles overview webinar here:  http://www.6monthsmiles.com/pages/dentist_home/free_webinar.aspx


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