Dental Recycling North America Offers Best Solution for Compliance with new EPA Regulations

New York, Jan. 12, 2016 - Dental Recycling North America, Inc. (DRNA) announced its amalgam recycling deposit program is now widely available for dentists.  DRNA's deposit program allows dental offices to lock in current pricing for amalgam recycling technology and services, but not install the separator until the EPA rule goes into effect.
DRNA, known for its waste management expertise throughout the dental industry, offers a complete solution for dental practices by not only providing the amalgam separator, but also handling the compliance paperwork and recycling practices to ensure dentists are compliant with EPA regulations.
The DRNA deposit program also includes the following benefits for dentists:
  • The DRNA model is 50% less expensive than the models sold by most dental dealers.
  • Annual recycling with DRNA is $500, while most dental dealers cost around $850.
  • DRNA locks in its annual recycling costs for up to five years, while competitors can raise the price each year. No increases in recycling costs for five years helps dentists control ongoing operating expenses.
  • DRNA handles the solid amalgam wastes as well, and the model is larger so it only needs to be switched out yearly, rather than each month or quarterly, as many competitors' models require.
  • DRNA handles the solid amalgam waste as well, which is part of the new regulation.
"Many of our customers are early adopters of the EPA rules, and have already put the DRNA amalgam separator to use in their office," said Marc M. Sussman, President and CEO of DRNA, Inc. "The benefit of our deposit program is that dentists who don't want to install the technology before the EPA requires it can lock in on the current pricing offered, and DRNA will install the separator equipment when the rule is in place. It allows dentists to have the best solution on the market at a significant discount, without the expense to their office until it's required by law."
     About DRNA, Inc.
     DRNA is the North American leader in dental waste management and recycling. Whether amalgam waste, x-ray chemistry, lead, bio-hazardous or pharmaceutical waste, DRNA provides essential and affordable solutions for every dental office. DRNA is the number one compliance partner providing equipment, recycling, long-term documentation and education.
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