The influence of resin cements on the final color of ceramic veneers




To evaluate the effect of three brands of resin cement on the final color of ceramic veneers.


50 disk-shaped ceramic specimens (IPS e.Max, 0.6 mm × 8.0 mm diameter) and disk-shaped composite resin background specimens (4.0 mm × 8.0 mm diameter) were prepared and divided into 10 groups (n = 5). These paired specimens were bonded using ten shades of resin cement (Variolink Veneer, shades LV-3, LV-2, MV, HV + 2, HV + 3; Panavia F, shades light and brown; and RelyX™ Veneer, shades WO, TR, A3). A spectrophotometer (VITA Easyshade) was used to measure the color parameters (CIE L*a*b* values) of the paired disks before and after cementation. The color differences (ΔE values) after cementation were calculated and statistically analyzed by the One-way ANOVA (at the significant level p < 0.05).


The color parameters of the ceramic disks were measured in terms of the increase in L  * value, and the decrease in View the MathML source value after bonding with the resin cement. The ΔE values of ceramic disks after cementation ranged from 1.38 to 7.16. The ΔE values were more than 3.3 when the ceramic disks were cemented with resin cements in shade HV + 3 (4.90) and shade WO (7.16). One-way ANOVA of ΔE values revealed significant differences in the resin cement shades.


Resin cements can affect the final color of ceramic veneer restorations, and the extent of this effect varies according to the resin cement shades.


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