Voco's Futurabond® U: Dual-cure Universal Adhesive

This new bonding agent will be available in September. MJ

The world’s first and only truly universal adhesive in a unit dose delivery system Futurabond® U:  Dual-cure Universal Adhesive

VOCO introduces Futurabond U, the world’s first and only true universal adhesive in a unit dose delivery system.  Futurabond U’s two main advantages as identified by VOCO are first its universal indications for all adhesive procedures without the need of any additional activators or primers and second Futurabond U’s ability to prevent solvent evaporation a well-documented challenge for adhesives dispensed in a bottle. 

Futurabond U’s versatility allows it to be used in self-, selective- or total etch mode without any additional primers or activators on virtually all substrates.  Futurabond U achieves total-etch bond strength levels with all light- self- and dual-cure resin based composites, cements and core build up materials. As a dual-cure adhesive Futurabond U will self-cure without any light activation which offers a big advantage for endodontic applications such as post cementation where it avoids the pooling effect, a problem with light cured adhesives. Futurabond U also adheres well to metal, zirconia and ceramic making extra primers unnecessary.

Futurabond U comes in a patented unit dose delivery system that prevents the solvent from evaporating. This ensures reliable and predictable results with each application. Thus the first bond will be as good as the last bond out of the box. VOCO states Futurabond U’s unit dose is priced the same as or less than the bottle systems of other brands.

Futurabond U needs only one coat and takes 35 second from start to finish. Its low film thickness of only 9 microns makes bonding margins invisible (i.e. no “halo” effect) and prevents pooling problems. Additionally the material does not need to be refrigerated.   

Further Futurabond U benefits include its indication as a desensitizer for use under amalgam restorations or on hypersensitive tooth necks, as a protective varnish for glass ionomers as well as an intraoral repair of ceramic restorations


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