D4D Technologies to Change Name to E4D Technologies

Richardson, TX (date) – D4D Technologies LLC, best known for its E4D brand of dental solutions, today announced that the company will change its company name to ‘E4D Technologies LLC’ effective (August 8, 2013).
While the company has been using the name ‘D4D Technologies' since it was established in 2003, from the start it has branded its products ‘E4D’as in E4D Dentist™, E4D Labworks™, E4D Studio™, E4D Compass™, E4D Sky™ and E4D Compare™.
“The timing to unify the company name with our global branding coincides with the launch of our next generation E4D NEVO scanner and design center and our ten year anniversary as a company,” said CEO Mark Quadling. “NEVO represents the Natural Evolution of Digital Dentistry so this is the ideal time to also recognize the evolution of the company with its new name. The D4D that my brother Henley and I started ten years ago with Basil Haymann has evolved into a global player with products changing dentistry around the world, through private and group practices, institutions, and universities.”
“The E4D brand has become synonymous for many dental professionals with leadership and evolution in digital restorative dentistry,” said Dr Gary Severance, DDS, CMO. “By focusing on ‘E4D’ in every aspect, we can reinforce and strengthen our relationship with our customers and the broader dental community. We are also introducing a new look and logo with the E4D NEVO that reflect the exciting performance and plug-and-play capabilities of this new technology.”
The company name change and brand focus is a further step forward in the evolution of the company and its growing suite of digital solutions for dentistry. The launch of the E4D NEVO at the E4D Business of Dentistry Conference in Las Vegas August 8-10, 2013, (http://www.businessofdentistry.com/e4d) showcases leading clinicians and E4D operators who will share their early experience with NEVO as well as their years of dental CAD CAM expertise.
About E4D

Headquartered in Richardson, Texas, E4D Technologies is taking the dental profession to a higher level of productivity, patient comfort, and convenience with its E4D restorative systems. The innovative, technologically advanced, ultra-fast E4D NEVO Scanner for digital impressions is the latest addition to its CAD CAM system for restorative dentistry. Plug and play connectivity to the laptop computer design center enables operators to easily customize restoration designs and send them wirelessly to the precision mill that uses the latest restorative materials to produce fine esthetic restorations. E4D’s open platform and E4D Sky communication network enable dental professionals to choose a custom solution to fit their needs. E4D has expanded the possibilities in dentistry with E4D Compass™ for restorative-driven implant solutions and E4D Compare™ adaptive learning technology for teaching institutions.  Henry Schein is the exclusive distributor. Contact E4D at www.e4d.com or www.facebook.com/CadCamDentist