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After two years of publishing The Progressive Orthodontist magazine, Owner and Executive Editor, Bonnie Hixson, has launched The Progressive Dentist magazine. I spoke with her recently at the ADA meeting in Las Vegas, and asked her about the new magazine.  The Progressive Dentist examines the business side of dentistry. In today's world, dentists have to be savvy business men and women as well as excellent clinicians. TPD has access to respected experts and resources and provides new insights and fresh ideas to help great practitioners compete in an ever more competitive marketplace." 

The magazine is different in several ways. I asked Bonnie about the logic behind charging an annual subscription of $139 for The Progressive Dentist Magazine.  "There are lots of good "free" publications available to dentists today. But somehow, someone has to pay to produce them, and it’s not an inexpensive task. Our model makes the subscribing dentist our customer and allows us the freedom to write about the things that are of interest to them - topics that are vital to their success. Also, because we are not dependent on advertising revenue, we can be very particular about what products and services we promote. A subscription model is the only one that gives us journalistic independence and the ability to stand behind our convictions".

Given the fact that they offer an unconditional money back guarantee, this is a minimal and worthwhile investment for any practice.  They partner with some of the industry’s most respected experts, as well as leaders in the business community to offer expertise on the business of running a profitable practice.  The Progressive Dentist will also be available in digital format beginning in the first quarter of 2012, and if you subscribe before November 15th, 2011 you’ll get both print and digital magazines, and access to additional online content for just $139 per year.

To start your subscription, go to
Click subscribe and in the comments section, type "Marty" to receive a special bonus book from TPD's suggested reading list!


MiamiDentist said…
A new magazine launch? Congratulations! We hope it goes well!
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