DentalEZ® Group Celebrates 100 Years of StarDental® Innovation During Lancaster, PA Celebration

Lancaster, PA (September 28, 2011) – DentalEZ® Group, a supplier of innovative products and services for dental health professionals worldwide, recently celebrated the 100th year of its StarDental® product line at its StarDental headquarters located in Lancaster, PA.  Corporate executives and employees from all divisions of DentalEZ were on hand to join in on the festivities, as well as representatives from the Lancaster Chamber of Commerce and Industry. 

Vice President Cheryl Irwin from the Lancaster Chamber of Commerce and Industry was on hand to present a plaque to DentalEZ President Jeffrey Perelman.  “StarDental’s 100-year anniversary is really a celebration for the entire community to embrace,” remarked Irwin.  “Any establishment that celebrates 100 years in business is something that’s meaningful to the entire community.  StarDental is a prime example of what sustains us, the private sector, as well as what provides us the great quality of life that we enjoy here in Lancaster County.”     

“We are as committed today as we were 100 years ago to establishing new industry standards for design, quality, and service to the community and our industry,” remarked Perelman.  “We hope to be of service here in Lancaster for 100 more years.” 

Over the last hundred years, StarDental has introduced many new technologies to the dental community, including the LubeFree™ handpiece, built-in handpiece light source, and the
sonic scaler. 

The company began in 1911 as a simple operation.  Today, as part of the DentalEZ product family, StarDental is a global leader in the manufacture and distribution of innovative and reliable handpieces for the dental professional. 

While its history stretches back more than a century, the StarDental brand is looking toward the future of dentistry with a continuous launch of products, such as the lightweight Solara® and 430® Series of lubricated and LubeFree high-speed handpieces; the latest advancement in programmable electric handpiece systems, the NuTorque® and NuTorque® Lite; and, most recently, Identafi®, an oral cancer screening device.  For more information on all StarDental products, please visit


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