Triotray Pro- My Favorite Triple Tray

 I have been using prototypes of these triple trays and was thrilled to finally get the final product, Triodent's Triotray Pro. It makes taking impressions easier and more accurate. MY laboratory likes them because they can easily do multiple pours of the impression.

From the web site:
The Triotray Pro is a re-usable dual-arch stainless steel tray with all the rigidity and accuracy of a full-arch metal tray. It comes in two sizes and has single-use mesh inserts.

It eliminates any chance of impression distortion, a common problem with disposable dual-arch trays, ensuring highly accurate upper, lower and occlusal impressions.

The tray is suitable for crown and bridge, and temporary crowns. The mesh insert and impression material are easily removed for tray cleaning after the restoration has been cemented and you are sure that the impression is no longer needed. The only ongoing cost is the inexpensive inserts.


Features and benefits:

  • Long-lasting stainless steel tray for crown and single unit bridges
  • Low running costs – inserts much cheaper than most disposable trays
  • No remakes – good economics
  • Usable with all impression materials – pick your favorite
  • Self-locking design makes adhesive optional
  • Keeps tongue in passive position
  • Good for temporary crown impressions
  • Lab-friendly – accurate and easy to work with
  • Easy and quick to clean


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