Lares Introduces Quest Handpieces

Chico, CA:  September 27, 2011— Lares Research has introduced Quest model handpieces, a new line of high quality, American-manufactured highspeeds that are available only through U.S. dental dealers. Quest highspeeds feature low-maintenance, long-life, ceramic bearings.  The Quest stainless steel exterior and subtle grip design allows for fast, easy cleaning and autoclaving/chemiclaving. Quest highspeeds are priced for value-conscious dentists unwilling to compromise on quality and performance.

The Quest 100 Series features a compact head for easy posterior access. These handpieces are fast cutting, and have exceptional power and visibility.

The Quest 300 Series offers a full sized head for powerful torque and smooth, quiet operation. Quest 300 models feature heavy-duty construction and multi-port water spray.

Quest handpieces are available in models compatible with 4-hole, 5-hole, non-fiber-optic swivel (Multiflex* compatible), and fiber-optic swivel (Multiflex* compatible).  Lares also offers a line of Multiflex*compatible quick-disconnect swivel couplers.  Quest optional twin-beam fiber optics provide enhanced shadow-free illumination. Each handpiece carries a one-year warranty.

Quest handpieces are being made available exclusively through national, regional, and local U.S. dental dealers.

Lares Research is a recognized leader in the development, manufacture, and distribution of oral cutting technology.  For more information, call 1-888-333-8440, ext. 1821, or go to

*Multiflex is a trademark of Kavo.


Williams said…
What I would like to see in the near-future are hand pieces that do not emit noise when shaping the teeth. That way, the patients won't get distracted by any sound. Well, when I used that for the first time, I immediately recognized its firm grip and faster rotation speed, making crowning and filling easier.

Williams Schermer

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