eDossea Introduces Dental File Sharing Portal

DES MOINES, IA:  July 22, 2011— eDossea, a company that provides online tools for handling patient data within HIPAA guidelines, has introduced its file sharing and storage portal, eDossea™ Version 1.0. The web-based platform allows doctors to transfer patient records safely and securely online (while maintaining x-ray image quality), and does not conflict with patient management software programs.

eDossea 1.0 gives dental professionals an easy way to securely store patient files, share them between offices, and provide them to dental labs or specialists (the recipients do not have to be eDossea clients). When an office refers patients to a specialist—such as an oral surgeon or an endodontist—or sends cases to a dental lab, there is a need to transfer x-rays and other patient information. This is often done in ways that are unsecure or costly, such as mailing printed records, emailing files, using unprotected online file-sharing programs, or exporting files from patient management software. In addition to the costs of staff time, printing, and possible data loss, these methods can expose the practice to HIPAA violations, fines, and potentially large lawsuits. eDossea 1.0 provides a secure system that facilitates easy sharing of the records within HIPAA guidelines, giving the specialist’s office or dental lab easy access to files while preserving image quality and data integrity. 

eDossea 1.0 requires little or no training for staff, does not require special software or downloading, and is available for a reasonable monthly fee. Clinicians can try the service free for 30 days by clicking “Free Demo” at www.eDossea.com.


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