Curve Hero Captures Panorex Live Online

As the thought of moving to cloud based software is intriguing one very large limitation was how to capture your digital images both intra oral and radiographic. Cure Hero has done just that. This information was provided by Curve Dental which is still testing its cloud based software.
This morning we captured our first pan image using Curve Hero's imaging features. The attached image was captured using a Planmeca ProOne unit using a TWAIN driver (I took this photo using my iPhone). I imagine the pan unit took eight seconds to scan, and then after that the image appeared on screen in about five to six more seconds. So, the image was captured directly to the Curve servers and then bounced back to the computer we were working on in less than 15 seconds. There are two clinician at this practice and they were both impressed with the speed and were of the opinion that the image quality was not a factor (they didn't notice anything different about image quality).

We also captured intra-oral images this morning without a hiccup, using a USB intra-oral camera that the practice purchased off eBay for $100 (Chinese made; I imagine that with a "real" intra-oral camera the experience will only be better). We also captured PA's using a Suni sensor. If you stop and think about what we just did--capture images directly to the cloud--it's pretty awesome.

FDA approval is pending but we expect clearance very soon.

Also, as we were leaving the doctors' Patterson rep came into do his thing. We left the pan image up on the screen for him so he could take a closer look, if he so desired.


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