Product Updates

I recently had the opportunity to attend a Catapult event in which we got an update on products from a number of different companies. 
On the first day we got an update on products from Voco. Voco has a new flowable composite called Grandio Flow  that is as strong a universal composite. Curvy wedges three-dimensionally shaped to follow the contour of the tooth creating significantly less tissue irritation and postoperative discomfort.  I have gotten to try Futurabond DC which is a very easy to use dual cured one step bonding agent and I liked it a lot.

We got an update on day two from Bisco. The biggest thing was Z Prime! We can now bond to zirconia! BISCO’s Z-PRIME Plus is a single-component priming agent used to enhance adhesion between indirect restorative materials and composite resin cements. It can be used as a surface treatment for Zirconia and Alumina metal oxide ceramics, as well as other types of metals/alloys, composites and endodontic posts. Z-PRIME Plus has been specifically formulated to provide high bond strengths in either self-cure or light-cure modes. 

Velscope has released  a new lower priced model called the VELscope VX. See the video for more information and a cost of $2500.

Azenic gave us a demonstration on  their disposable handpiece. The Azenic DHP™ (Disposable High-Speed Handpiece), provides you with a high-performance, single-patient-use option with the convenience of a disposable product. Extensive clinical testing proves the DHP offers performance equal to or greater than industry leading, metallic handpieces which allows you to ‘reach for a disposable’ without giving up the performance you require. Save your turbines on your electric or air handpiece when cutting off crowns!

Go check out these new products!


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