Econo-Keys Operatory Keyboard

I recently got to try an Econo-Keys full-size wireless keyboard with the added convenience of a built-in touchpad. Its a fully sealed keys, touchpad and numberpad. Its resistant to dirt, debris and water, so it can easily withstand the dental operatory environments, along with repeated cleaning procedures. It is simple to clean use your cleaning agent of choice and spray down the keyboard. 

The great thing is that you can use the keyboard or touchpad with your gloves on! It was simple to setup. Just put in the batteries (which were included) and remove the USB dongle from the underside of the keyboard. I plugged in the dongle, Windows recognized the keyboard and was ready to use in less then a minute.

I am used to the trackpad on my Macbook so I was attempting to use multi-touch gestures out of habit. Unfortunately its not multi touch.  Its just a matter of retraining. The touchpad and keyboard are very responsive and its easy to pass the keyboard to my assistant if needed.

I would recommend looking at the EconoKeys Keyboards for your operatory.