Upocming GNYDM Lecture and Webinar

Join me at the Greater NY Dental Meeting Wednesday December 1as I discuss State of the Art Diagnostics. This is a free one lecture at 2:45pm.

Curing Composites Is More Than Shining A Light
Presenter: Dr. Martin Jablow    CE Credits: 1
Webinar Begins:  12/8/10  8:00 PM ET,  5:00 PM PT
Curing composite is not as simple as it seems. A lot of physics goes into the mechanisms for proper curing. This course will give dentists and hygienists the information necessary to determine the proper use of a curing light in different clinical situations. Why your old curing light might not be curing composite as well as you think. Learn about the different types of curing lights. Determine which curing lights are best for your practice. What you should look for when purchasing a new LED curing light. Learn when to change the amount of curing based on type and color of composites. You will now better understand what is happening when you turn your curing light on.   

Click on the link to register.

Thanks to Kerr for sponsoring the webinar. 


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