Update Fotr MaxDent Pro v.2.1.1 practice management software for your Mac

DDSMac LLC is proud to update you on MaxDent Pro v.2.1.1 practice management software. This Mac-native office solution won't change the way you practice, but it will change the way you manage
your practice. Simply put, MaxDent Pro is a solid practice management solution. It may not have all the bells and whistles of some of the legacy programs out there, but what we have is fast, easy to use, intuitive, and will help you grow your practice. Besides, no one uses all those bells and whistles anyway. Looking for help in making solid business decisions about your practice? We can help.

Everything in MaxDent Pro is centered around the Schedule. That makes it perfect for those who use the software most, your team. Scheduling is the heart of any professional office. Our Scheduler will astound you. From assigning appointments to setting schedule rules to using the dock, to setting up Recalls, MaxDent Pro's scheduler is intuitive and powerful. The Scheduler is not only incredibly easy of use, it is the central location for all other areas of MaxDent Pro.

For instance, looking up a patient's account information is fast and simple. From the Patient Account window, all information can be accessed for the Patient and/or Guarantor. In addition, our full Reports package is always there to give you an instant snapshot of where your practice is in terms of time, money, and opportunities to grow.

Other important features include Digital Radiography via RadioVision and our full integration with Smile Reminder.

So, download our fully-functional demo version of MaxDent Pro onto a Mac laptop or a single desk station and try it out.

MAXDENT PRO DEMO DOWNLOAD INSTRUCTIONS -----------------------------
1. You can access the download via AppleShare or FTP. Go to this Internet Address:

2. If using AppleShare:
Under GO in Finder Menu, Select CONNECT TO SERVER...
Put in Address:

3. You will now be on the MDP_Wax_Bite (Demo) drive of our server. Enter the following User Name and Password.
User Name is: demo
Password is: dental12

Please click and drag to your desktop the following files:
a. MacDentPro 2.1.1.zip
b. MDP_Quick Start Guide - v3.pdf. This document holds the installation instructions.
d. MDP_EULA. Please download and adhere to our End User License Agreement.

4. Double-click on the "MacDentPro 2.1.1.zip" file to start the installation. Use "root" and "root" for Username and Password to complete the install and enjoy MaxDent Pro!


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