Whats New In Dentrix?

I just spent the last few days in Utah with the Dentrix. I saw what is coming in G5 and the next service update. I also learned a lot more about eServices.

The biggest news was for the upcoming G5 release. Finally an SQL database structure! So what does this mean for you? There will be a lot more automation of tasks that will be available. Plus you will be able to make custom reports.

The upcoming Productivity Pack 8 will add a messaging client so you can instant message between operatories and save your hygienist a few steps when you need to do an exam.

Enhancements to the Kiosk (through eServices) will let you have patients use an iPad to enter information rather then handing them a clipboard but more importantly you can now have Dentrix use your forms! That's right! Dentrix can digitize your templates and put them on the web.

In Productivity Pack 7 there are new Practice Advisor Reports that will make looking at your practice numbers easier. Along with easier reports the reports will offer suggestions on how to improve your practice!

Profitability Coaching  ($695) is a great way for you to get the most out of Dentrix. This is beyond training. Dentrix will look at your numbers and then you will have monthly meetings with the "Coach" who will show you how to improve your numbers by getting the most out of Dentrix. This is not a replacement for a good consultant.

Also don't forget some of the eServices such as 1GB of backup that Dentrix includes in your customer fee. Contact Dentrix and take advantage of what you are already paying for. 


Jeff said…
Thanks for sharing the information from your Utah visit. Did Dentrix provide you with a timeline for the release of PP8 or G5?
PP8 should be out early fall and G5 is late winter 2011
We are upgrading the whole net work and can't wait for the productivity enhancements in the new dentrix software.
GatorALLin said…
I hear that G5 will roll out by number (in a random like order and not just in certain states first) in late January 2012. I do know it has the new link to Florida Probe and will pass missing teeth and other cool data now! Also the cost of the FP link was reduced from $1,000 to FREE, so FREE is always a good thing!

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