How Is Your Office's Customer Service?

Customer service is very important to every business. It doesn't matter if the customer is a patient or your buying gasoline. Small things can have a big impact. Recently I have dealt with customer service for Bien Air, Dental-EZ and Continental Airlines.  For the dental companies it was for small equipment repairs, Continental Airlines was to change a flight. Some of these events can seem like nightmares and picking up the phone or sending an email is dreaded, such was the case with my recent dealings with a Chase credit card.

Well this was not the case with the first three companies. The Bien Air representative expertly diagnosed the problem with my electric handpiece motor over the telephone. He offered to send the hose to my office. I asked to have a loaner motor sent, just in case that was also not working. The parts arrived for my next scheduled day of patients. It turns out the telephone diagnosis was correct and I shipped the loaner handpiece back. Less then a day treating patients with an air handpieces.

DentalEZ was a similar event an email was sent and viola everything was taken care of. Continental Airlines made changing my flight simple and without a charge. So here I am a happy customer telling everyone about the great customer service.

So what does this have to do with your dental office? Just how good is your customer service? As the doctor you may not even know? The best way to find out is by surveying patients. After all they are the ones experiencing your customer service. We do this in my office with LighthousePLZ but there are other services that can survey your patients such as Demand Force, Doctorbase and Smile Reminder to name a few.

Ask the questions and review the answers yourself. Don't just leave it to the staff to review, after all it is your business!

So how good or bad is your customer service!


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