Chronic trauma of the oral mucosa may lead to cancer

J Oral Pathol Med (2010)

Published Online: 29 Apr 2010

Eduardo David Piemonte  , Jerónimo Pablo Lazos  , Mabel Brunotto 


Background: Oral cancer represents 2%–5% of all cancers, being one of the 10 most frequent ones. Apart from oral cancer risk factors already described in literature, such as tobacco and alcohol consumption, others emerging risk factors have been proposed, such as chronic irritation from dental factors. The aim of this work was to assess the influence of chronic trauma of the oral mucosa (CTOM) in patients with oral potentially malignant disorders (OPMD) and cancer.
Methods: A retrospective study of 406 patients (both sexes; aged between 18 and 80 years; with OPMD and cancer) who attended the Department of Clinical Stomatology A of the National University of Cordoba was performed by non-probabilistic sampling. The association of variables and outcome variable diagnosis, with levels control, OPMD, oral cancer, was evaluated by multinomial regression model.

Results: Population under study was represented by 72% of control patients, 16% patients with OPMD and 11% of patients with oral cancer. It was observed a significant association between diagnosis and CTOM (= 0.000), after adjustment of confounding factors (smoking and drinking habits, sex, cancer inheritance and denture use).

Conclusions: Our results suggest that CTOM is, together with other factors, an important risk factor in patients with oral cancer diagnosis, but not for patients with OPMD.


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