My New Netbook- Dell Mini 9

I bought my daughter a NetBook computer as a second computer for college. A Netbook is just a small computer. I bought her an EEE PC. I thought I could use one too as I travel a lot and I felt the Macbook is just too large at times.

So I bought a Dell Mini 9. from the Dell Outlet store. It has an 8.9 inch screen and a 8GB SSD along with 1GB of RAM. The choice was Ubuntu Linux or Windows XP. I wanted the least expensive model with all the bells and whistles in it. So it cost $240 with the 1.3 MP web cam and Bluetooth. I got the Ubuntu version. I got the Mini 9 and it rocked. Very fast ( as fast as a 1.6GHz processor can be) and was a lot of fun. No fans, no noise just a great little computer.

Well of course that would not be good enough. While I was waiting for delivery of the Mini 9 I ordered a 2GB RAM stick and a 32 GB SSD. I needed more memory so I could do presentations from the Mini 9. So I upgraded the hardware and installed Mac OS X on it (No you cannot easily do this but it can be done). So now I have a small MacBook Nano as I call it. I set it up to connect to the Internet through my Palm Centro. So anyplace I go this little 2 pound computer can come and get online.


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