Update from the GNYDM

So I got to spend a day at the NY meeting. Unfortunately more meetings then time to wander.
I did see two things that I want to put on your radar. The first is Soporolife a new camera and caries detector from Acteon that is awaiting FDA clearance for sale in the US. It uses light induced florescence. It is an introral camera and caries detection built into one unit. I have previously used the Soporo 717 and thought it was a great camera. Now to make things better I can use the all in one device to view a tooth and then by rotating a switch I can search for caries. It can even be used for excavation of caries. It integrates with all the popular imaging software.

Another item underdevelopment was a retrofit LED light that will integrate into your existing over the patient dental light. I say a prototype and thought it was a great idea.

Pride Institute put on a tech fair and it highlighted many tech products and I look forward to seeing how this continues to grow. I may be part of this tech fair in the future. You can read all about in on most of the trade publication web sites.

Kerr launched Vertise Flow a self adhesive flowable composite.

So that is my quick wrap up of products. Attendance was good on Sunday and there was a good buzz in the crowd.

Next up for me will be the Chicago Mid Winter meeting although I may sneak up to the Yankee meeting in Boston.


Crystal said…
Wow that's so cool. It will help a lot. I bet it would be very pricey when it' out.

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