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APEX 1st November 2009 Issue

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In this issue you will find a range of articles covering:

* “I feel that tooth whitening in the UK is currently a bit shady” Dr James Goolnik in Extending the power of bleaching on page 5
* “We are naturally programmed to enjoy sweet foods” Angela Walker in Natural sweetness: how to help your patients cut down on sugary snacks on page 16
* “We’ve known caries is preventable for 70 years but we still treat it by restorative means” Dr David Alexander in A year in review: looking forward on page 13
* “20 is the number of new patients per month per full time dentist that you need to keep your business prospering” Chris Barrow in What time is it? on page 23
* Latest jobs in dentistry

In addition, this issue also includes details of the latest product innovations:

* Griptab by Triodent

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