Plasma Blade

The PlasmaBlade provides surgeons with a single tool that provides the best of all worlds:

* the precision of a traditional scalpel
* the bleeding control of traditional electrosurgery technology
* minimized thermal damage
* the ability to quickly and easily cut through all types of soft tissue, including skin, fat and muscle
* the ability to operate in a wet or dry surgical field

Results of a recent preclinical surgical incision healing study of the PEAK PlasmaBlade demonstrated that it efficiently cut tissue with effective hemostasis and minimal thermal damage compared with standard surgical techniques. Based on these and other results from preclinical studies, PEAK Surgical believes that the PEAK PlasmaBlade may offer a new alternative for surgeons to potentially provide better outcomes for their patients, including increased procedure efficiency, reduced scarring, faster and stronger wound healing and faster recovery.

View the PlamaBlade video


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