Health Committee: DoH failing to improve dental services

Sound's a lot like the problems here in the US with Medicaid. Only here most dentists don't participate.

Health Committee: DoH failing to improve dental services
The DoH is so far failing to improve dental services, according to a report by the Health Committee

Access to dentistry remains uneven across England and indications are that the new dental contract has so far failed to improve access, according to report Dental Services.
The report makes recommendations including:

* To base PCT dental funding on a local needs assessment, not on a historic basis, and,
* To consider introducing a quality framework-style reward system for dentists who improve the dental health of their patients.

Many dentists fear an exodus from the General Dental Service in 2009 once guaranteed income ends. The DoH claims no such exodus will occur. The committee urges the DoH to monitor closely the career plans of NHS dentists.


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