Teeth-whitening kiosks have come to the mall, but how effective are they?

Read the entire article by clicking on the link below. Here is the conclusion...What you are getting at the mall kiosk is home bleaching and you pay them to apply it yourself. MJ


McClatchy Tribune

SANTA ANA, Calif. -- Want to bring home a brighter smile the next time you shop at the mall?

Entrepreneurs at many malls are eager to sit you down at their new teeth-whitening booths for 20-minute treatments that typically cost $49 to $99.

Their businesses are part of a countrywide expansion of teeth-whitening kiosks, which dentists greet with reactions ranging from skepticism to outrage.

Some consumers who have sat at a kiosk for 20 minutes with a plastic tray full of peroxide gel in their mouths say they're happy with the results.

Others are unimpressed.

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